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Related article: 30 BAILY S MAGA2INE. Qanuakt at another there is no uniformity of procedure. Then, again, we scarcely agree with Mr. Rogers on his directions for turning to the ri^ht, for he would loop the off rem between the first and second fingers instead of under the thumb, as in turning to the left. Here, again, we have a slight departure from uniformity, and without going so far as to speak with any certainty, we are inclined to think that it is better to loop the off rein between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand than between the first and second fingers, as the less the fingers are interfered with the less chance there is of the reins slipping. The illustrations in the main are good and are liberally dis- tributed throughout the book. A good deal is Glibenclamide Tablets said about whips and the use of them, but on the balance of whips each man must be a judge for himself. Some men, especially those who are not clever at "catching" their whip, prefer a thong which is rather heavy for the stock, while others like a stiff stock and a light thong. A heavy whip, however, is a per- fect torment when driving a team, and we would suggest to every coachman who has a whip vrhich suits him, and which he values, that he should be very careful of his thong and take care that whenever a new one is required it should be Purchase Glibenclamide of exactly the same weight. If a whip has been used on a succession of horses in hot weather the thong becomes quite wet from the sweat of the horses, and on returning home it should be immediately washed with soft soap and water and rubbed as dry as circumstances permit, while beginners will find that the appli- cation of a very little soft soap facilitates " catching." Shooting in Egypt. Egypt having become during the last few years one of the most fashionable winter resorts, and as the Britisher has the reputation of always being anxious to kill something, in Egypt he is no exception to the rule. I must myself plead guilty to this blood- thirsty craving, and a few of my personal experiences this last winter in my endeavour to keep up the Britisher's reputation in this line may be of interest. In the first place, the shooting is deteriorating from all accounts, the reasons being that more ground is being brought under cultivation, which interferes with the duck and snipe ground ; and the number of gunners, armed with every description of Buy Cheap Glibenclamide weapon is increasing, as the people have begun to realise that duck, snipe and Order Glibenclamide quail are marketable com- modities. A duck costs to buy in the Cairo market from lod. to IS. 4d., a snipe from 5d. to yd., and a quail from fd. to lod. De- duct the middleman's profit, which is the same as elsewhere, and you will get the real value. A heterogeneous band of sports- men, chiefiy Greeks and Italians, are out daily during the season, and are very good shots, so that as there is very little preserved ground in Egypt, the game is not likely to increase. The first thing to be done is to find a reliable shikari. There are 1900.] SHOOTING IN SGYPT. 3» quantities of quasi-shikaris with round beaming coffee - coloured feces and blessed with well-fed figures covered with white flowing garments, turbans and big sticks ; a well-known type of man who for some months daily worries you in the streets of Cairo, generally outside the hotels. His usual Buy Glibenclamide Online form of address is, "You going shooting sometimes?" You say "Impshi," or go away, and he retaliates with "You no sports- man/' You may laugh, but if you happen at the moment to be pes- tered by flies, heat and dust, you probably rush at him and beat him with whatever you have in your hand, for the man who thus insults you with a smile on his face can scarcely be endured, Glibenclamide Price even in a cooler climate. The visitors on the verandah of Shepheard's or elsewhere, there- upon remark on the rude domi- neering behaviour of the Britisher abroad, and the ladies fail to • Order Glibenclamide Online understand how this polite, obse- quious - looking man can have merited this apparently unpro- voked attack. • The vast majority of these shikaris are rogues who live on the proceeds they make in iSL few weeks out of the tourists, to whom they show very little sport, but who are quite pleased with the novelty of their surroundings. But chaque ^ son g6ut, and this helps to prevent the game from being exterminated. As one of the most important personages in a country house at home is the keeper, this must be my excuse for dilating on his prototype of the "East." There are a few good men, and one I can recom- mend is named Mahommed Mar- bruck, who resides near the Pyramids; an excellent shikari and an intelligent man. Duck-shooting has a charm for many not equalled by any other form of shooting (big game ex- cepted). It entails early rising, bad walking probably, Glibenclamide Mg and a taste of hardship which appeals to a good sportsman. Again, the duck is essentially a wild bird, here to- dayt gone to-morrow, and the harder the weather the more chance you have of finding him. The hand-reared duck can be classified with the hand-reared pheasant, and comes under a different category. In Egypt cir- cumstances are different, and all the duck requires is a sanctuary. His haunts are limited, but the few places where he is to be found Purchase Glibenclamide Online is made up for by the quantity of birds. One of the best shoots in Egypt at present belongs to Prince Kamel-el-Din, a cousin of the Khedive's, who is a good shot and sportsman, and gets up parties to shoot his ground, which is about twenty miles Buy Glibenclamide from Cairo to the west of the Pyramids.